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TOPIC: Is Lithium a problem? Question from Christene

Is Lithium a problem? Question from Christene 27 Jun 2006 14:56 #3375

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You'll see this post in the Hypothyroid forum too:
[b:393a579fb2]Hi Christene- You ask some great questions, see my answers after your questions in blue. I'm also going to copy this post to put in the the Cycle diet Support forum so others won't miss it.[/b:393a579fb2]

Is lithium a problem? [color=blue:393a579fb2]Only if you're on thyroid medication and at higher doses above 300mg.[/color:393a579fb2]

I only just started on the Cycle Diet--less than a week--but just before I found it I found another site on PMDD that suggested lithate lithium in 5-20 mg. (vs the 300 mg dose that is usually prescribed for bipolar). I started taking 10 mg. just 4 days ago and swear I can tell the difference.
[color=blue:393a579fb2]I really don't think this is a large enough amount to interfere, but remember you will be getting the benefit of foods that contain choline, the component of lithium that we need for good brain chemistry. [/color:393a579fb2]

I am coming upon my luteal cycle about tomorrow so will really be able to tell more then but since I started the lithate I am so much more happier and the agitation and irritation I was feeling just disappeared. Of course after I got the Cycle Diet I also ran right to the store and loaded up on soy products and organic skim milk and went right to work on that the same day so I don't know but I feel so much better. (I stopped taking Zoloft also about 2 weeks ago and had withdrawal too.) [color=blue:393a579fb2]Would you mind making a post describing your withdrawal symptoms from Zoloft for those who might like to understand what the differences are between those symptoms and PMS/PMDD symptoms or what to expect. I always like to see conversations about withdrawal symptoms in women and their experiences so others might relate. [/color:393a579fb2]
Like you said to me Debra, I had so much going on at one time it was hard to tell what was what but...there it is. At the same time I had a bout with my sinuses so was taking Claritin too.

I have been on organic milk products for at least 4 years now along with hormone-free meats and eggs but I still had all the menstrual difficulties. [color=darkblue:393a579fb2]Very good, however your dairy still needs to be skim, or fat free-- Try removing dairy and the animal saturated fats--this seems to help in those who are sensitive to dairy as well as those intolerant to lactose, casein or other milk proteins[/color:393a579fb2].

A few years ago I went to soy but found my energy lagging. About that time I read that soy depresses thyroid functioning so I swore it off completely. [color=blue:393a579fb2]You have to be eating a good amount to suppress thyroid, let's see how you do during the luteal phase, you can always try rice milk, almond milk or even goats milk if you can't tolerate the soy.[/color:393a579fb2].

So what's the deal? I'm thinking it's just the meats and milk in the follicular phase that is the problem possibly, right? Soy in the luteal. At least that seems to be a simplified version of my understanding so far.
[color=blue:393a579fb2]The Cycle Diet limits the saturated fats and preservatives (and other additives) found in meats and dairy--If you stay with fish, chicken, turkey and plant proteins and avoid the processed meats and red meats for now we'll see how you do. These foods are easier to digest and don't stress your system. The Cycle Diet is very heart healthy too, you can still eat meat in the luteal phase but you'll notice more choices in complementary plant proteins and cold water fish with great omega 3's. Note: limit tuna to no more than twice a week[/color:393a579fb2].

I haven't started on D3 yet but now that I've thought about it of course that probably is a factor in my PMDD. I didn't realize how much time I spend indoors--and without a single window from 6am to 5pm most days. I have made a concerted effort though too the past few days to get 20 minutes of sunlight directly on the skin--and since I also take HCTZ I can't spend longer anyway or I will burn.
[color=darkblue:393a579fb2]Excellent news, You need to get your D levels up now to fair well through next winter. Have you been reading up on vitamin D in the research forum? You should. I also suggest you ask your doctor for a 25(OH)D test now and again in the fall to make sure you're not deficient going into winter. Making your own vitamin D is by far easier than trying to take supplements. However, this can be hard for those working 6am-5pm like you. So good for you.[/color:393a579fb2]Ah, womanhood!--[color=blue:393a579fb2]Yes, I absolutely agree![/color:393a579fb2] :D
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