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TOPIC: Some questions from Mousefan

Some questions from Mousefan 26 Feb 2009 21:51 #3916

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From Mousefan AKA Sara,

I found it-

..... I have some questions. 1)Do I really need to go gluten free? 2)Where is the test that I need to send it to entero lab? I hate to find out- but well I can't be in deniel forever. I just don't have many of the symptoms described.

3)Also, some of the items on the daily eating schedules, if I didn't have rice- can I have whole wheat pasta as a replacement or fiber 1 cereal in place of the other gf cereal? and for breakfast must I have eggs most mornings to keep the carbs nearer the 40% for PCOS? And when can I have a sweet treat? I didn't see that listed unlike the basic diet. I could have just missed it, however.

1) Do You really need to go gluten-free? No, not yet- but if you are gluten sensitive you will need to avoid all gluten 100% of the time.

2) You can order gluten testing without a doctor's order through costs vari depending on what you order but the basic gluten testing is $99. It takes two weeks for results. You'd be surprised to find out about 1/2 of Celiac and non-Celiac gluten sensitive individuals don't have very many GI symptoms. Many times it expresses as a different problems due to nutrient deficiencies or an autoimmune condition. Gluten can cause neurological (brain), arthritic (joint), dermatitis (skin), osteoporosis (bone), infertility (ovarian), pancreatic (enzymatic), liver, endometriosis, and in some cases MS and gluten ataxia.

3) Yes, you can have whole wheat pasta and fiber 1 for now. You'll want to monitor your reactions and keep portions to a reasonable amount. Stick to 1/2 cup of pasta and 2/3 cup or whatever the serving size says. When you eat pasta and cereal you'll want to balance it with a bit of fat and protein to slow down the glycemic response. Nuts would be good with cereal, a half teaspoon of olive oil with the pasta or tomato sauce would be an example. When you want to eat cereal for breakfast you'll want to stay away from other grains at lunch and dinner. When you eat pasta at lunch or dinner, just make sure you're not doing grains at breakfast or the other two meals.  Snacks can contain low glycemic fruits and vegetables, nuts, or other items.

4) Watch for any other symptoms...not necessarily GI related. Headaches, backaches, flu like symptoms brain fogginess, dizzyness. These are symptoms of a food sensitivity.

5) Avoid all sugar for the next couple of cycles. Whole fruit will be your dessert. :) 
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