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TOPIC: Hopefully an answer to our prayers ....

Hopefully an answer to our prayers .... 09 Jun 2016 21:05 #10626

  • lily
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My name is Emily. I'm 35 years old. I've suffered from pretty severe PMS (maybe PMDD) for about as long as I've been married ... 14 years. I've noticed even more extremes as I get older. I've never smoked or used alcohol or drugs, I don't drink anything except water, I cook most of our meals at home .... and then there's the other side of things: I have eaten A TON of candy in my life, I don't sleep enough or exercise enough. While I eat OK-ish, I know I lack enough veggies in my daily diet.

My husband is a patient, loving, tender, godly man. He has prayed me through many, many, many crazy times. God has blessed us with 4 little ones through adoption. I want so much to give my family a better me!

We've never had a child biologically and have never sought out fertility help.

My typical symptoms have been weeping, bouts of anger over the smallest things, depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, breast tenderness/swelling, bloating, fatigue .... pretty much the full spectrum.

Over the past couple of years I have tried several things for short spurts and have given up after a cycle with no success (Whole 30, running, and most recently three months of very little processed foods and no desserts) So far none of these have been the help I've been looking for.

I've been reading some about various supplements that might help and then about this diet. They all seem to correspond, so I'm ready to make this change! With strength from the LORD and support from my husband, I believe this can help me and my family!

Hopefully an answer to our prayers .... 10 Jun 2016 12:23 #10630

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Hi Lily,

I'm so sorry you are suffering, please call me for a quick consult (at no charge), I would like to talk to you about a few things that may help you on your journey to feel better.

(515) 221-0236

All the best,


Hopefully an answer to our prayers .... 16 Jun 2016 02:51 #10638

  • nps333
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Hi Emily,

Your story sounds almost exactly like mine. I'm 38 and married for 14, almost 15 years, two biological kids... but with PMS (pretty sure that's the cause) I have had a rather tough marriage due to blowing up at odd times over the smallest things, snappish, alienating everyone around me, too tired to parent on my "off" days, depressed, irritated and swollen breasts making it worse... and only now do I see a clear pattern in my behaviour. I can check off most of the symptoms for PMDD. I'm not like that all the time, but having a shorter 25 day cycle it's more often than not (about 15 cycles per year, 7 days of PMS per cycle = about 105 days of misery a year!). So glad to know it is not a character flaw but something that can be fixed. I too am a sugar addict (tested positive for candida once, and went on a crazy no-sugar-at-all-not-even-fruit elimination diet for two months, which seemed to work). Drink only water, some fresh pressed juices, and don't smoke, do alcohol or drugs, ok diet but not enough veggies, don't sleep or exercise enough. That would do it. I noticed since cutting out dairy that I feel better overall, and have no stuffiness or bloating issues. I might try gluten free to see if that makes a difference. Also, I ran out of Udo's Oil, which I add to my morning smoothie, and I'm more grumpy without it. It contains a lot of flax oil so I think that flax helps me a lot.

I also once did a raw food cleanse program, mostly because my husband wanted to do it and I didn't want to prepare a different meal for myself so I just went along - that month, I had absolutely no PMS symptoms, and was surprised when my period arrived (what a novelty!). It was too difficult to keep up that diet, though. But now I know that my PMS is 100% diet related and that I can fix it. So glad to have found this page and be able to take my life back again - hopefully! This seems a lot easier to follow than the raw food diet, and I am hoping will yield similar results.

Good luck to you, and I hope you find success.
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