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TOPIC: Breakthrough bleeding on Phase 1 South Beach Diet

Breakthrough bleeding on Phase 1 South Beach Diet 07 Sep 2005 14:21 #4104

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[b:3d9e46ceeb]A short explaination of why women on the South Beach diet Phase 1 have increased PMS/PMDD and breakthrough bleeding.[/b:3d9e46ceeb]

I?ve been very interested in all of the posts regarding breakthrough bleeding on the South Beach Diet BB. For those of you who are on the pill and those who are experiencing longer periods know that low carb dieting is effecting your cycle.

If Dr. Agaston is not giving any answers via his endocrinologist it?s because there is very little research in this area. How do I know? I?ve been searching through the research journals regarding sex hormone levels and diet for years.

To give you bits and pieces of the theory behind what may be happening to some of you, the fact that you?re eating higher percentages of protein and fat verses carbohydrates has everything to do with it. There is a lot of research in protein metabolism however and we know in order to clear certain amino acids from the blood stream vitamin B complex is necessary as well as insulin, both of which are on the low side, especially in Phase 1.

Red meat is a very good source of iron, which may build up over time at high intakes, evidenced by longer periods from increased build-up in the uterine lining. In addition, due to higher levels of fat, yes there are still saturated fats in this diet from red meat and dairy, enough to cause estrogen to build.

Although fiber is encouraged in the South Beach diet, it is still very short in Phase 1. Fiber plays an important role in escorting not only cholesterol, but also excess estrogen out of the body through feses.

Insulin actually plays an important role in clearing branch chain amino acids into muscle. Calcium is also depleted during high levels of protein intakes and is now known to be effected by higher levels of estrogen and progesterone. Have you noticed that you are experiencing more mood swings as well?

There are things you can do to help, make sure you take a B-complex vitamin that includes Folate and 500 to 600mg of calcium with vitamin D twice a day especially in phase 1 or if you continue Phase 1 longer than 2 weeks.

Switch to plant proteins like soy and tofu and legumes, try looking at the vegetarian recipes offered and going every other day without animal protein. Even though there is no actual limit on the intake of animal protein, try to stay under 6 oz a day and make sure you don?t skip the high fiber cereal which is a great source of vitamin B too.

Phase 2 is a very healthy diet for most people if you follow it closely. Skipping the fruit or vegetables because you may not like them or want to lose weight faster only creates deficiencies.

This is only a simple explanation to a very complicated problem that needs further research. Unfortunately like most female complaints in this area, shrugged shoulders and blank expressions is very common in the medical community. Hope this helps, I?d be curious to find out how it works out for anyone who decides to try my suggestions.
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