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Articles and related links about the time before menopause when hormones can become unbalanced. This forum is open to the public.
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TOPIC: Progesterone Cream, a Personal Experience

Progesterone Cream, a Personal Experience 25 Jan 2009 16:03 #753

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This is a thread from a poster on PMS-PMDD that I decided to move here:

Progesterone Cream, a personal experience

So I've been reading up on progesterone creams and found a company called Vitamin Research Products. They have Dr. John Lee's progesterone cream for sale...2 oz for $21.95. I'm thinking about buying it.

Has anyone had any success with progesterone cream? I see many people have it for sale on-line but I wonder about the quality I wanted to give an update on the progesterone cream. I started applying it on day 10 of my now irregular cycles (some are 14 days, others are 40 days)

 I found an OTC product called "Uber" progesterone at my soon-to-be-regular compounding-pharmacist ;), they say it's exactly the same formula from Dr. John Lee's practice...I've heard of the late Dr. John Lee.... but always thought he was some kind of a charlatan doctor, I guess I need to add his book to my "books to read", I understand he's a super-star as well as a best selling author in the world of Menopausal women.

 I selected the little 2oz pump bottle. It also comes in a little jar but i like the idea of pumping out the right amounts instead of guessing at 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

So I can honestly say, and I'm more surprised than anyone that I can already feel the difference. Call me skeptical, but my brain fells foggy thinking. I've been faithfully applying the cream since last Tuesday's now Saturday so in 5 days I think that's pretty significant.

I have also been exercising more since I got my cholesterol numbers back from my doctor. All my numbers look GREAT except for HDL, the good cholesterol was rather low 35 and needs to be up to at least 40 if not higher. I've been dieting to lose a few pounds so that could be a factor, but exercise is one of the keys to getting your HDL up.

Total cholestrol was 154...very good, well under 200

LDL was only 84 well within the desirable that's good news. My diet has always been very good, so I wasn't worried...however I'm going to be watching my HDL like a hawk now. It's never been very high.

So if anyone else has any input regarding their experience with progesterone cream I'd love to hear from you.


So I'm now on my cycle day 17 and no period yet..... so I'm thinking the progesterone cream is lengthening my irregular cycle this month. I forgot to use it before I went to bed last night so I put a little extra on this morning.

Does anyone know if applying one large amount makes up for twice a day?


Hi Doxiemom,

I've also been thinking about progesterone cream, my mother thinks I'm going through perimenopause and I'm at that age so I know it's probably causing my irregular cycles. I didn't think progesterone cream worked for PMS or that it wasn't strong enough. It seems interesting that it's working for you already. I have a compounding pharmacy up the street, do you think I should give it a try? 2oz lasts how long?
Hi Candy,

The brochure I got with my little pump bottle says the cream should last one month at 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, but I'm only using it from cycle day 10 to cycle day 25 or 26 and then you're supposed to stop using it in order to mimic your hormones. It says to stop using it if you start your period, so I'm not sure yet if it's going to last one cycle or two. I've probably been using more than I should :D

I will let you know how it goes, so far it seems to be working, but I really don't know, but I'm hoping.

Uber balance is made by Heartland products, they have a website if you want more information but you may want to talk with your pharmacy, they may carry something else. Looks like their website has been flagged by the FDA for false health claims. I can see what they mean, you can't talk about curing disease without going through clinical trials and tests. But what's the harm in a little Mexican yam cream..:D I know it's not going to cure cancer but if it helps me with lengthening my cycle a little, or helps my short term memory even slightly, let me be the judge. A bunch of perimenopausal women seem to swear by it.

I just started with progesterone cream this month. I tried it a few years ago, right when I went gluten-free, so I don't think my body knew what to do and I had to cut out the progesterone to find out what my new normal was.

I am using it because in the last couple of months my body has gone haywire during PMS and my period: nausea, hot flashes, arm and upper body pain, extra sensitivities to sound and light, and very painful fibrocystic breasts. I figure it is worth a try, because I feel so crappy for the week prior through a couple days after my period. My guess is that it's perimenopause, because my cycle seems to be getting shorter. I was doing great since last January when I had a pedunculated cyst removed from my uterus. I know I have a rather large fibroid in there, but nothing I want a hysterectomy for (gyno says it's not one you can surgically remove otherwise).

Hi Nanc,

Hey thanks for your post....I've been bad lately about updating my progress on my quest for knowledge about perimenopause inside the menopause forum :D. I'm singing the praises of bio-identical progesterone cream these days. I'm on the 4% prescription strength now that I get from my compounding pharmacist and it's amazing how well it's been working for me.

I'm scheduled to go back in for my 6 month appointment soon with my nurse practitioner who wrote the prescription for me. I no longer have "warm flashes" and minimal night sweats....I never really had the hot flashes. It seems like whenever I ate more sugar things got a bit more warm at night. Now that I think about it, the progesterone cream has help me sleep better too. :D

If the OTC progesterone doesn't work for you be sure and see if you can get your doctor to write a script for the 4%. I can't tell you how well it seems to be working for me.



Hi Nanc!

Glad to see you stop by here too. Boy oh boy, you had  a pedunculated cyst removed off your uterus??? That sounds really serious darn it. I've been told I have fibroids in my uterine lining too and I understand they're rather common when women are estrogen dominant so the progesterone should help balance the estrogen. The good news is....once you finally make it to menopause- the fibroids shrink. :D

Nanc, are you taking any herbals by chance? St John's wort is known to cause light sensitivity. You're obviously reacting to something. I sometimes wonder if many of the synthetic B vitamins can cause problems for people who take them, I can't seem to find any research reflecting many negative reactions to them but I am aware of women who are allergic to synthetic folic acid. I do believe anyone with an autoimmune condition should reconsider intake of ALL synthetic chemicals in all processed foods. This includes all preservatives except sodium. The list is very long in processed foods. The other thing I'm worried about is vitamin E in those who are gluten intolerant. Much of vitamin E is made from wheat germ oil and mixed with other sources so there could be trace amounts of gluten ingested unknowingly. However, if you're avoiding corn and soy you might want to check and see if your vitamins contain those as well.

Did you by chance have your hormone levels tested first to see where your estrogen, progesterone and even testosterone are? My obgyn wouldn't do the tests for me but I found it very interesting she offered me a prescription for synthetic progesterone in the form of progestin. (no thanks, there's a history of breast cancer on my father's side of the family due to HRT)

I decided to order a saliva test through another clinic I go to and found my progesterone levels were very low....I didn't have a lot of terrible symptoms to begin with but my very short cycles were really getting on my nerves. They were also very heavy too, which is indicative of estrogen dominance.

Since I've been doing progesterone cream my cycles have lengthen somewhat, but the nice thing about it is they're not as heavy either. :) I'm due to go back for my check-up soon so I might see what else I can do about my very low libido. My doctor said she could fix that with a bit of testosterone, but I'm a little nervous about doing the testosterone. 

Hey D,

I'm not sure about the progesterone cream. I bloated up quite a bit, and was pretty sleepy while using it this past month. I'm in my second consecutive month of crazy PMS (spotting, nausea/hot flushes/weeping, muscle and joint pain), but not as bad as a month ago.

I used to take SJW, but gave it up over a year ago. I think the sensitivities are from hormonal edginess. I plan on seeing the gyno soon to assess my symtpoms amd get my levels done. The more I read and think, the more I believe it's pre-meno stuff. The cyst removal wasn't bad...the pneumonia a month later kicked my a**.

I just started acupuncture treatments for a nagging back issue, and the acupuncturist was intrigued by my health situation (food intols, PCOS, fibrocystic breasts, fibroid...the fun never ends), and said we could work on one thing at a time :) . Acupuncture is new to me, so I'm proceeding slowly and carefully.

Good news, regarding having your levels tested. I forgot you had PCOS too...I think you would be interesting to an acupuncturist with everything going on with you. :)

Acupuncture should help with the back and joint pain but it may take a few sessions. I've had acupuncture a few times but the one time I had a real problem with pain in an elbow was after taking a kickboxing class for 10 weeks a year ago, I was amazed at the immediate relief. When they suggest you take off all rings before boxing, do it. I now understand why.

Nanc, are you keeping up with all your minerals and vitamin D? Avoiding dairy and soy makes it harder to keep up the calcium/magnesium unless you're eating a ton of broccoli, kale, spinach or beans.

I'm surprised you had a problem with the progesterone you have a problem with wild Mexican yams? I'd have to do a bit of research to see what else they put in the lotion. The OTC cream isn't very strong and some contain No active Dioscorea villosa or Diosgenin. I wonder, they're not like regular sweet potatoes more of a plant root, I wonder if the active Diosgenin is what you're reacting would be similar to the isoflavones in soy

Hi D,

Back for an update: the acupuncture is amazing. Four visits and I feel better than I have in years - really. More energy, low level pain in my back/ribs - 90% gone! Last cycle had one hot flash, minimal emotional upset, no PMS and a much lighter period than I've had in years. I feel mentally clear, energetic, balanced and happy. I've also cut back on coffee and am using a tiny bit of progesterone cream on days 14-25 (26, 27, 28 - whenever my period decides to start). My gyno thought I was perhaps using too much, thus the lethargy and bloating. She was not enthusiastic about hormone testing, because levels can vary so much hour to hour - day to day. She asked me if I wanted HRT, and knowing that that isn't the type of thing I want to do, she suggested acupuncture, which I'm already doing! That's two of my medical professionals who have strongly recommended acupuncture. :cool:

I don't use any vitamin e products because I can't be sure that there's no gluten or soy (or other things on my bad list) in them. I've added more B6 right before my period, and I've axed flax seed oil from the repertoire due a crazy reaction I had one night. I've added D3 (in addition to what I get in my multi) every 3rd day; cal/mag every other day. I love my B12 - 5000 mcg/day in divided doses. Really gets me going in the mornings. I've doubled my EPO and I think that is helping with the fibrocystic breasts. Oh yeah, I had my mammo and they found a "complicated cyst" on one side (I've had at least one detectable one for over a year). I'd bet there's a few other of those in there, and I'm going back in 6 months for another ultrasound. The castor oil packs (external) help a lot with the pain from those cysts.

This week I am one year dairy, grain, soy (for the most part), and yeast-free. Two & 1/2 years gluten free. Yes, my diet is boring, but my gut is really pretty happy, and so am I. Now if I could do anything about my food bill (organic is not cheap)...

That's all the news for now. Take care all.

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Progesterone Cream, a Personal Experience 12 Dec 2011 13:32 #754

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