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After following the plan for just one month, many clients have told us, The Cycle Diet plan made a significant difference in how they felt the week prior to getting their period. They handle stress better, anxiety disappears, depression lifts, sugar cravings lessen and breast pain is diminished. Women with PMS have no idea they are suffering from a nutrient deficiency. Most are very surprised how just a few changes in diet and lifestyle is all it takes to feel normal again.

If you are the kind of person with a do-it-yourself self-help attitude, you are perfectly suited to use this website for all the help you will need to combat your PMS symptoms on your own. And know you are never alone. Answers to questions are only an e-mail or phone call away. All are welcome to go to The Cycle Diet Support Forum to ask a question or receive emotional support. Clients have a private forum to post in for personal support.

Confidential phone consultations can be arranged by e-mail, see contact link. 

PMS is a diagnosable health problem if not taken seriously leads to bone loss, (osteopenia, osteoporosis) and a difficult menopause. More importantly, PMS brings anti-social and disruptive psychological behaviors upon women and their families.

It is important to note that not all scientists, medical, and psychological professionals agree on causation and treatments. Unfortunately there are still medical practitioners who dismiss their female patients' complaints as hysteria.

Women who complain of PMS symptoms should first have a simple, inexpensive Nutrition Assessment Analysis (NAA) done prior to prescriptive drug or hormone intervention. Deficiencies in essential macro and micro nutrients can then be clearly identified.

Food sensitivities and intolerances may also be determined through an accredited lab via overnight express. Currently, in my practice, about half of the women who also present with severe PMS, test positive for gluten sensitivity or non-celiac gluten intolerance. In some cases prescriptive drugs and hormones may only temporarily mask an essential nutrient or mineral deficiency with the possibility of making it worse. If you are currently taking anti-depressants, adding nutrition therapy may actually improve their effectiveness.

  • The Cycle Diet spells out precisely:
  • Foods to include all of the time
  • Foods to avoid all of the time
  • Foods OK during the Follicular phase
  • Foods best during Luteal phase
  • Menus and recipes for both phases 

The Cycle Diet Plan

The Cycle Diet was designed for women in their reproductive years. It incorporates awareness of the follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase uniquely timed to the individual woman. The Cycle Diet addresses these phases and nutrition education within the privacy of your own home.  The diet is based on common everyday whole foods, essential fatty acids and the right vitamin and minerals.

The plan is largely based on the calcium research of Dr. Susan Thy-Jacobs MD of St Luke's-Roosevelt hospital in New York City, who continues research in the area of PMDD, vitamin D, and calcium. Other studies also show increased excretion of this important mineral along with other vitamins during increased levels of estrogen at ovulation and in conjunction with progesterone during the luteal phase.

 Other important researchers include Dr. Guy Abraham a former professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UCLA whose extensive research gave us the different types of PMS. There are of course many other dedicated medical researchers and nutritional scientists in search of answers to this multidimensional health issue whose contributions are tremendously under-appreciated.

Stress management and exercise are also important components of the plan. Many women find relief from exercise alone but will find increasing relief and understanding once incorporating The Cycle Diet into their routine. Symptom relief is usually noticed upon the first complete cycle, with full relief of most symptoms by the third cycle.

Please note: This web site does not provide medical advise. Please consult with your personal physician before you start any self-help wellness program.

Last revision 4/2021

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