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How To Read A Nutrition Facts Label


Always check serving size first = 1 cup


Look at how many servings per box = 2


Next look at calories = 250 per serving or 500 total for the two servings


Now Look at fats, Total Fat is shown first


Total fat = 12 grams x 9 calories per gram = 108 calories from total fat, they rounded up to 110. 12 grams is a little high for only a 1 cup serving. The Cycle Diet plan ranges from 35 to 55 grams of healthy fats per day.


Saturated fats = 3 grams per serving, plus another 1.5 grams from trans fats, this is not something you want to eat. Note: manufactures are not required to add trans fats to the label until 2006. LOOK AT INGREDIENT LIST for fats to avoid.


The Cholesterol is only 30mg which is only 10% of the daily value recommended of 300mg. However, this product would not be something you would eat on the Cycle Diet because of the saturated and trans fats it contains.


Sodium of 470 mg is a little high for one serving, try to stay under 2,500mg per day especially if you are salt sensitive.


Total Carbohydrates are next, 31 grams is not bad, but because there is no fiber you can assume the macaroni is made of  white flour, if you read the ingredient list it will probably say enriched Durham wheat flour plus many of the B vitamins lost in the process added back in. A whole wheat pasta would be a better selection.


Dietary Fiber = 0 The recommended fiber intake is 25-30 grams a day. Eating this product often could increase PMS symptoms.


Sugar = 5 grams most likely from natural dairy. Try to stay away from added sugar in any product.


Protein = 5 grams. Not a great protein source



Vitamin A = 4%, very low


Vitamin C= 2% also very low


calcium = 20% or about 200mg of the 1,000mg recommended daily value, good

For more information on how to read nutrition fact panels hit the following  Labeling & Nutrition FDA link