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PMS Success Stories

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From Amanda in Michigan

I am truly thankful that you published your website! I just finished my period and guess what! I had the LEAST PMS symptoms ever this month!!
(I even thought that something was wrong with me since I'm so used to PMSing really hard.)
You mentioned to ACCEPT PMS instead of fighting it. That eased my fear of PMS. Also, acknowledging the co-relation between PMS and childhood trauma helped me somehow. Also...I've been taking calcium and started eating breakfast every day by following your menus from the workbook. I try not to leave myself hungry through out the day, so I take healthy snack to work such as nuts, fruits, etc. My fiancee noticed the difference as well, and he too was happy!
I will be married next month. So, I will have plenty of time to try out your recipes and be healthy. It's a plus for my fiancee as well. I will check into the message board.
Thanks again for spreading you knowledge.

Take care,

Thanks again for all your help and support through the toughest time of my life. I'm feeling like my old self again without the anti-depressents. I will recommend your diet plan to anyone who is serious about getting control over their life and making the necessary lifestyle changes. I'll never go back to my old habits again. Well maybe just every once in a while when it's safe. Oh and by the way, my sex life has improved too!
Mary, in Maine

It Works! I started the diet as a skeptic, but I'm a believer now. I can't tell you how surprised I was after just 1 cycle. I'm still working on eating more vegetables and drinking the water, but I no longer have the bloat or cramps. My mood has substantially improved prior to my period too. Thank you soooo much for putting this diet on the net, I'm suggesting your plan to all of my friends who PMS.
Nancy, Brooklyn, NY

My husband wants to send you flowers for helping me over my symptoms. I feel like my old self again. I had no idea diet played such a huge part in my monthly problems. Thanks for listening to me and all of you suggestions. I'll forever be in your debt for teaching me how NOT TO EAT........
Cindy, Detroit, Michigan

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth is a beautiful and lively sorority girl living in a prestigious sorority house at a large state university. She came into counseling through an on campus nutrition seminar. College life was exciting and full of fun activities for her, but Elizabeth was feeling overly stressed and suffering from moderate PMS symptoms every month that turned severe since starting oral contraception. In a rush to class Elizabeth rarely ate breakfast which on occasion consisted of a piece of pizza from the night before and a diet coke, she rarely made it back to the sorority house for lunch. Dinner was the usual meat and potatoes or hamburger casserole. Elizabeth avoided milk because she didn't like the taste and thought it was fattening. Fruits and vegetables other than potatoes were also missing from her diet. As with many young women, fast food and diet soda was the easiest choice for most lunches and weekend dinners. An occasional beer or two was considered just part of college life. Working at a local grill as a waitress helped with tuition and she felt the benefit of free food was an added bonus. The free food she received was mostly deep fried pork tenderloins and French fries or a bowl of chili.

Since Elizabeth was on oral contraception she noticed her PMS worsened to the point of reconsidering taking it. She was moody and fatigued most of the time, crying over things that she would have normally handled without a problem. Her studies were also suffering which stressed her parents, creating friction between her and her mother over Elizabeth's extra curricular activities.

 After sitting down and showing Elizabeth how inadequate her current diet patterns were through a nutritional analysis, she knew immediately she needed to make changes. She had no idea her diet was one of the reasons she was feeling so bad. she wanted to continue to take the pill and was willing to give the diet plan a try. With a little planning and a schedule change she was able to increase the fresh fruits and vegetables along with flaxseed oil and calcium.  There was no way Elizabeth was going to drink nonfat milk, not even chocolate which really wasn't a problem since she would be taking a calcium supplement.

After a month on the plan she started to notice a change in her disposition. She made it a point to tell her sorority sisters she was on a health kick, which encouraged many of them to follow her on the plan. Menus were adjusted at the sorority house to accommodate the new eating plan, and in just one cycle Elizabeth felt the difference. The high anxiety was diminished with markedly improved  moods. The negative thoughts she always seemed to be fighting were gone. The dark cloud that seemed to be hanging over her head also disappeared. She was surprised at her confidence level while on a visit home to her parents. During heated discussions, she was able to hold up without feeling the urge to cry. Her concentration improved and she was back to scoring mostly A's on her exams. Elizabeth was feeling like her old self again. By the end of her second cycle, Elizabeth was convinced she had won the battle with PMS and knew she would be staying with the diet plan permanently.


Jennifer's Story

Jennifer a stay at home mother of two wonderful girls was referred to me through a friend. She had been suffering from severe PMS since the birth of her last daughter who was now 6 years old. She hadn't lost the 35 pounds she gained with the last birth, but felt she was physically active enough, which was her main salvation when it came to "that time of the month". She suffered from painful cramps, bloating and uncontrollable carbohydrate cravings the week or so before her period. On many occasions she felt out of control emotionally, which seemed to taking a toll not only on her marriage, but on her daughters too. The week prior to her period she would politely make excuses to any invitation for outings with her husband, friends or to her daughters school activities. Jennifer became depressed with self doubt but knew in a week or so after her period started she'd be back to normal again. Her diet boiled down to off and on crash diets due to her carbohydrate binging during the week prior to her period. She also tried 2 weeks on the Atkins diet and became so depressed she ate an entire package of cookies and half a bag of potatoes chips before she felt satisfied. Afterwards she felt so guilty, not only did she gain the five pounds she lost but her self esteem hit bottom.

Jennifer was referred though a friend who knew I was a dietitian specializing in women's health. She thought I could help her re-learn how to eat right and gain control over her carbohydrate cravings. Jennifer had no trouble staying on the diet plan because she was able to feed her girls and husband many of the same foods she was making for herself.

After one month of keeping track of her symptoms and mood, she noticed little by little her symptoms weren't quite so strong. Her cravings didn't seem quite so strong either and she seemed pleasantly surprised. Jennifer noticed her cramps were very mild as well, and for the first time in many years she wasn't all that depressed. By the second month her anxiety level was almost nonexistent and she had lost 8 pounds. Jennifer felt so great that she decided to volunteer to host a party for her oldest daughter's soccer team in the week prior to her period. Not only did she have a great time, but she was completely free of any PMS symptoms. Jennifer continues to watch what she eats and exercises daily by taking short walks around her neighborhood and bicycling with her girls. She lets me know how grateful she is that she was referred to me and my diet plan whenever we run into each other.