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The Original Cycle Diet Workbook

Cycle Diet Workbook
$26.00 each

The Original Cycle Diet plan has helped thousands of women make healthier eating choices to reduce symptoms of PMS. You will  learn how to chart your menstrual cycle, keep track of PMS symptoms with a symptom tracker, and recognize possible food sensitivities during the luteal phase. The Cycle Diet plan is based on simple whole foods with easy to follow menus for both the follicular and luteal phases. You will find the workbook binder includes handy 1 sheeters on foods-to-include and foods-to-avoid along with a shopping list you can take with you to the grocery store or make copies. You will also receive an immediate membership upgrade to the website diet plan and access to the clients only section on the Cycle Diet support message board, where you will find answers to FAQ's and others who have found success in the battle against PMS/PMDD. Order by phone by calling (515) 221-0236 Mon-Sun 8:00am-7:00pm CDT (Free shipping in the US)